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Pishtech LLC is an independent game developer and publisher specializing in realistic fishing games. Pishtech founder Paul Halter has been creating fishing games since the days of the Commodore Vic-20. In the late 1990's he developed two games for publisher Oquirrh Productions. In 2005 he established Pishtech in order to publish a new photographic fly fishing simulator, the original edition of Real World Fly Fishing. Later editions featured many more locations, simulated fly tying and other new features. The current Third Edition now has fans in over 30 countries and a world-wide community creating and sharing new content for the game.

Newer Pishtech titles include VR Sportfishing, the first realistic fishing game to support Virtual Reality with stereo 3D vision and head tracking using the Vuzix VR displays, and Pishtech's Ice Fishing Derby, a full 3D game bringing the ice fishing experience to life in a unique and highly entertaining way.


Fly Fishing Simulator HD
My Fishing Advisor
VR Sportfishing
Pishtech's Ice Fishing Derby


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