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Note: This is an older product, and while it still works on most current computers, it uses a 3D engine that is no longer supported. Updates to VR Sportfishing are no longer being published.


Your current version is shown on the loading screen as game starts. The newest build is November 22, 2010. If your version is older than that, click the link below to download and install the newest version.

Latest VR Sportfishing Update:
November 22, 2010


This update includes:

Enhanced land vegitation
Reduced size of buttons on high-res displays
Misc. minor fixes
Content of all previous updates

Earlier updates include:

Support for custom lakes
Screenshot feature (SysRq key)
Anchoring (d key)
Jonboat provided for free in demo version
Misc. bug fixes
Keyboard shortcut to switch from boating to fishing (s)
Optional wave effects
Schooling fish
Improved fish AI and animation
Addition of rainbow trout, lake trout, muskies
Addition of Mountain Lake, Deer Lake, Thompson Reservoir
Full day/night cycle
Fisherman AI improvements
Live bait
Dynamic weather
More tournaments


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