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Real World Fly Fishing for Windows

Note: The new version, Fly Fishing Simulator HD is now available for Windows 8 and 10, as well as Android and iOS. We'll continue to make Real World Fly Fishing available for earlier versions of Windows.

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Real World Fly Fishing is the most life-like fly fishing game available. When you can't be on the water, Real World Fly Fishing brings the fly fishing experience to you.


Photorealistic graphics
24 rivers, lakes and streams
Over 475 fishing sites
Midwestern spring creeks
Western freestone rivers
Tailwaters for trophy trout
Warmwater lakes and rivers for bass and panfish
Over 175 flies, including new and classic patterns
Virtual fly tying for creating your own flies
Realistic casting and mending
Virtual fishing guide provides instruction
Realistic insect hatches
Up-close match-the-hatch function
A wide variety of rod sizes and weights
Floating and sinking fly lines
Skill levels from beginner to expert
Sophisticated fish behavior
Optional Challenge Mode
Free add-ons for even more rivers, flies, etc.
Support for force-feedback joysticks (optional)
Now available in French from our European partner Peche-Tec

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French Edition

With over 475 fishing sites on 24 different waters in the Third Edition, you'll experience trout fishing on freestone streams, a large western tailwater and crystal-clear spring creeks. There's also fly fishing for bass and panfish on lakes and rivers. There's thrilling steelhead fishing if you're looking for a real battle. Many more waters and fish species are available to download from our web site and from fans of the game on our forum. Those range from sea bass on the coast of Italy, to pike in Sweden, salmon in Canada, peacock bass in Brazil and more waters are being released all the time.

The game tracks your personal record fish of each species and on each body of water. To really test your skills, try the challenge mode. You're goal is to catch a fish at each of a series of sites and you earn a score based on the size of the fish, and the time it takes you, with a bonus if you can do it without losing a single fly.

While fishing at the beginner skill level, the simulation is pretty forgiving, and you'll catch some fish even if you're just learning the basics. As your skills progress, you can challenge yourself with the higher skill levels. At the expert skill level, fish are highly selective, comparing the size, shape and color of your fly to the foods they feed on. They can be spooked by a sloppy cast, or the wake of a fly dragging on the surface if you fail to mend the line well during the drift.

You've got a great range of equipment available in Real World Fly Fishing. You have rods in an assortment of lengths and weights, floating and sinking lines, strike-indicators, split shot, fly floatant, reconditioner, and of course a huge collection of flies, some contributed by Fly Fisherman Magazine. There are classic and modern dry flies to imitate mayflies, caddisflies, terrestrials and more, plus wet flies, nymphs, scud patterns, and streamers. You've even got a dip-net so you can scoop up samples of the real thing the fish are feeding on, then compare it side-by-side with the artificial flies as you choose the best match.

Want more flies? Real World Fly Fishing lets you tie your own! With hundreds of fly tying materials and components to work with you can quickly and easily add your favorite patterns. Take them fishing and they'll perform just like they should. The virtual fly tying is great fun, and such a powerful tool that some professional fly tiers even use it to design new flies.

If you're new to the sport of fly fishing you'll find that Real World Fly Fishing can provide a lot of instruction on everything from equipment selection, casting, and drift mending, to matching the hatch. Turn on the side-view casting aid to see how your line reacts to your rod movements and you'll quickly learn the basics of fly casting. The virtual fishing guide will offer advice and teach techniques that are just as effective on the water as they are in the game. If you're already an expert, you can head for the waters without a guide.

You can control your fly rod with a mouse, or with a joystick. Force-feedback joysticks are supported and allow you to feel the action.

Plus there's a world-wide community of fans providing:

Hundreds of additional bodies of water
Many new flies
Extra fly tying materials
Thousands of new fishing sites
Over 100 additional species of fish
Other customizations like fly boxes, rods, etc.

Visit the Pishtech forum or the fan site RWFF Clubhouse


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